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Acknowledgments and Credits

I am most obliged and grateful to my webmaster P.M.Vrolijk, Lamia IT, who has performed the whole web design for my site and who provides me with technical support regularly. I know what I want my site to look like and what things I want to be there. But I don’t know how to transfer this into the terms of computer. And he knows how, perfectly well.

I want to express my gratitude to the ladies and gentlemen who were my models during my study in the Nederlandse Beautyschool. Not only are all these people beautiful, they are also very kind. Answering my announcements, all of them rejected any payment as a compensation for their time. They were all very patient with me as a student and assisted me a lot. One girl had helped me assembling the whole outfit necessary for the image I had in mind. Another lady provided me with very useful hints concerning eye-maquillage for big concert halls. I remember the girls quickly changing their hairdo to spare me time - when I had to fix two different image styles one after another...
It was a great pleasure and a lot of fun to work with these people. And the biggest reward was to watch them smile when they finally got to see the resulting image in the mirror!

And of course I am deeply thankful to my family for their understanding and support. They had helped me searching for models; they were modelling themselves. And none of them had rejected when I asked their time just to practice in hairstyling or maquillage. Now, that was lots of laugh!